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Welding Rod Variety PackThis was a product shoot requiring the display of a fairly difficult product to photograph. Look on the web and see what I mean.  My client and I took the photography of welding rods to a whole new level.  We photographed with a Panasonic Lumix GH-2 with a 14-140 zoom lens. We shot HDR style with a seven shot stack for each photo represented.

The following is the general product description of these products.

Affordable Alloys products are designed to a higher standard. Quality not quantity is our motto. We design a product to be as good as it can be, not to just meet an AWS minimum. We package in smaller quantities and put in strong plastic tubes to keep protected.

As to the cost difference between fabrication products and Affordable Alloys repair products. Consider the wasted welding rods from getting wet or thrown away due to them not striking or sticking and the time it takes to grind out and re-weld a poorly done weld. Or the downtime due to not having the right welding product for the job.

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