Production for the NEWSTART Cooking School.
Well we did it, after a lot planning and getting everything in line. My principle role was associate producer working with Producer Tom Baril Director Business Development at  the NEWSTART Lifestyle Program at Weimar Institute.  We filmed 9 recipes and each one lasting about 5 to 10 minutes. Our intention with this particular batch of cooking demos is to create a product which the graduates of the Weimar Institutes “NEWSTART Program” can watch and actually make something which will work the first time.

As a Director/Cinematographer on this project I wanted to film it in a similar way I did with the Dr. John McDougall series of cooking videos “McDougall Made Easy” I did a while back at his home in Santa Rosa California. Here is an example of what we did for him. He would do an intro then we did a series of cooking demos in his home kitchen with his wife Mary which followed each intro he did. Keep reading I’ll explain how I did the NEWSTART Cooking School. This McDougall copy was most likely ripped from a DVD I did for them so the quality is not great but needless to say it gets the point across.

McDougall Cooking Demo

 So what I did was take the whole concept we did with McDougall to another level of production value. I filmed in HD of course, we did not have it back then with Dr McDoucall, at least at an affordable price point which was reasonable. By the way we, filmed those with three Panasonic DVX-100b’s. They worked great, then I multi camed them in Final Cut Pro. Now I use the Adobe CC Suit, which I think is great.

Optimized-NSN1A Couple of Challenges
A couple of challenges we needed to over come first was the echo in the new cooking school. The room had way to much echo. So we installed a couple of dozen sound panels all around the room, what a difference that made.  If you look in the background you can see the panels we installed the day before.

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