Alma Marie Winston Candidate for Governor

“The Power of One, One Voice, One Vote, One Step Forward… Bridging the Gap of Change”
As a Californian for Governor, I am committed to reassuring all Californians that WE CAN move forward towards a BETTER WAY of doing business, an EFFICIENT AND MORE PRODUCTIVE WAY of managing our affairs and re-establishing the values of a civil and creative society that welcomes and promotes prosperity and harmony for every one. Your concerns are my concerns.

Together we can make the changes necessary to re-build our State, not by raising taxes, but through the investment of our natural resources modeled by the most successful financial markets, encouraging responsible leadership, welcoming innovative commerce and the development of new technologies to enhance our lives and secure our future.

Our campaign will not be one of “lip service,” but an honest campaign that offers solutions to the issues and a commitment of follow-through marking a NEW ERA of change in politics and government.

We invite you to JOIN US, as we move forward to a brighter future, where no one is left behind and no voice is left unheard.


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