Lighting a small interview set.

Those of you who want to learn a little about lighting a small set take a look:)

Little studio with snooted lights

I’v been producing a weekly show on a shoe string budget which airs on 3ABN. The show is called NEWSTART Now. Today I decided that I needed a lot more control of a couple of lights I am using.

Un Snooted light

They are Ikan fluorescent lights almost a two foot square but not quite. I rather like them, they make a nice large source reverse key light. FYI (Key light from the back of the set rather than the front). 

Snoot under construction

So I made these snoots out of foam core board which are rather deep so as to keep those nice fluorescent from not becoming a total pain because they have a tendency to throw light in every direction which is not what one wants.

 Mounted Snoot

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